Preparing to sell your home

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Preparing to sell your home

Prepare Your Home for Sale or downsizing to a new home or purging before a move, there’s nothing better than eliminating clutter, in general, you'll want to remove any bulky, excess, or worn-out furniture.
Holding a yard sale makes sense to dispose of unwanted furniture, decor items and personal belongings. At the other end, buying needed items at yard sales can be an enjoyable adventure.
Taking the time to sort and sell your stuff before a move could save you a lot of money; in fact, it might even pay for your move entirely.

Shoppers like to see a little bit of everything. When prospective customers drive by, they’ll more likely stop for full tables.
Never underestimate the value of absolute junk. If you haven’t used something in the past year, sell it.
Dealers and antique collectors frequent garage sales so clearly display one-of-a-kind items.
Dressers, bookcases, baskets, tables, toys, and tools attract traffic.
Make sure appliances work. Have an outlet handy so items can be tested.

Clothing on racks sells higher than similar items thrown on a blanket, so hang a line in your garage or buy a portable rack.
Clearly mark your sales area. If you have a sale in your garage, cover anything you want to keep.

Tag all items. Customers may assume that unmarked items are out of their price range.
Be prepared to haggle. Most garage sale experts say 10 to 30 percent of retail is a fair price.

Stick extra stuff in the back of garage to sell later or a private storage unit, or just throw it out if it's in bad shape. Items not sold can be picked up by a charitable organization. Keep a list of donated items for your accountant at tax time.

Check the weather when planning your sale. Even if your sale is indoors, bad weather keeps customers at home. Make bold, bright, neatly lettered signs. Place them in order to direct traffic to your house. (Don’t forget to take them down when the sale is over!)

Goodwill is one of the most popular places to send donations. To donate your belongings before moving, simply drop everything off at a local Goodwill Donation Center. Some Goodwill locations offer pickup services as well, so be sure to call your local center to ask.
Local Libraries looking to lighten your bookshelves? I suggest donating gently used books to your local library. Many libraries will accept pre-owned books, as well as DVD and CDs.

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