The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids

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The Ultimate Workout Partners: Your Kids

Some exercises to perform with your baby or toddler:

Sit in a straight-backed chair with the towel rolled under your knees. Set your baby or toddler on your ankles, holding the little one's hands. Straighten your legs to a slow count of five until they are parallel to the floor. Hold for two beats, then lower your feet to starting position to the count of five.

Lay on your back, leaning your sitting baby against your bent knees. With one hand on baby’s abdomen, perform crunches while playing "peek-a-boo" with your child.

Position baby face-up on the floor. Place your hands shoulder width apart on either side of baby's face. From knees or toes, perform push ups slowly and deliberately, kissing baby with each rep.

How to Exercise With Your Kids
Modify push-ups and other strength training moves to match your child's ability
Run, Walk, and Roll.
Yoga for 2 or More.
Dance It Out.
Hit the Playground.

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